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Get ads attributes. This is deprecated. Please use function ads.list(). Instead of ads.get({session…}, [id1, id2, … idN]) use ads.list({session…}, {adIds: [id1, id2, … idN], includeDeleted: True})


struct user {
string session Session (as retrieved from client.login())
int userId (optional) User ID
array adIds (


struct {
int status Status code
string statusMessage Status code description
string session Refreshed session
array ads (
struct {
int id (optional) Ad ID
string creative1 (optional) First line of ad (title)
string creative2 (optional) Second line of ad
string creative3 (optional) Third line of ad
string clickthruUrl (optional) Target URL
string clickthruText (optional) Text that is displayed as a link
bool deleted (optional) Whether ad is removed
string status (optional) Ad status:
  • active: Active
  • suspend: Suspended
datetime createDate (optional) Create date of the ad
string premiseMode (optional) Premise display mode (for connection with catalog
  • disabled: Assigned premise is not shown
  • random: Random premise is shown (deprecated)
  • one: Premise specified in premiseId is shown
  • nearest: Client nearest premise is shown
  • inherit: Premise specified in its campaign is shown
int premiseId (optional)(can be null) Premise id (or nil; for connection with catalog
struct group { (optional) Group info
int id (optional) Pattern group id
array diagnostics ( (optional) Array of various diagnostics(warnings, errors, other information)
struct {

Response status codes:

List of all possible response status codes:


List of all possible diagnostics:


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