Sklik API



Get keywords attributes.


struct user {
string session Session (as retrieved from client.login())
int userId (optional) Managed user ID
array keywordIds (
int Keyword ID


struct {
int status Status code
string statusMessage Status code description
string session Refreshed session
array keywords (
struct {
int id Keyword ID
struct group { Info about group.
int id Group ID
string name Keyword name
string matchType Keyword match type:
  • broad: Broad match; query must contain all words from keyword, in any order
  • phrase: Phrase match ("keyword"); keyword must match query with words in correct order
  • exact: Exact match ([keyword]); keyword must match exactly entire query
  • negativeBroad: Negative broad match (-keyword); query must not contain words from this keyword
  • negativePhrase: Negative phrase match (-"keyword"); query must not contain keyword words in correct order
  • negativeExact: Negative exact match (-[keyword]); query must not exactly match this keyword
bool deleted Whether keyword was removed
string status Keyword status:
  • active: Active
  • suspend: Suspended
bool disabled Whether keyword is disabled (for copyright issues etc.)
int cpc Keyword max cost per click (in halers)
string url Target URL
datetime createDate Keyword create date
array diagnostics ( (optional) Various diagnostics(warnings, errors, other information)
struct {

Response status codes:

List of all possible response status codes:


List of all possible diagnostics:


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