Sklik API



List allowed limits for batch operations.


struct user {
string session Session (as retrieved from client.login())


struct {
int status Status code
string statusMessage Status code description
struct limits {
int CpcMax Max CPC (in halers)
int CpcMin Min CPC (in halers)
int CpmMax Max CPM/CPT (in halers)
int CpmMin Min CPM/CPT (in halers)
int antiDosCallCount Max method call count in antiDosTimeInterval
int antiDosTimeInterval Time interval for antiDosCallCount (in sec)
int bannerSizeKBMax Max allowed banner file size (in KiB)
array bannersDimensions ( All allowed dimensions of banners images
struct {
int height
string type
int width
int dayBudgetMax Maximum day budget (in halers)
int dayBudgetMin Minimum day budget (in halers)
int maximumUserDailyImpressionMax Maximum value of maximumUserDailyImpression
int maximumUserDailyImpressionMin Minimum value of maximumUserDailyImpression
int retargetingMembershipDurationMax Maximum duration of retargeting membership (in days)
double valueAddedTax VAT coefficient
int statsDataLimit Max amount of data available in one stats method request (ads.stats etc.)
array batchCallLimits ( Limits for number of entities in batch methods.
struct {
string name Limit name
int limit Limit value

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