Sklik API



Create new campaigns.

Use campaigns.check() for checking data before submitting them.


struct user {
string session Session (as retrieved from client.login())
int userId (optional) User ID
array campaigns (
struct {
string name Campaign name
int dayBudget Campaign daily budget (in halers; 100 = 1 Kc)
array excludedSearchServices ( (optional) Excluded search services (only for type in ["fulltext", "combined", "product"])
int Search service id (see listSearchServices() for search service enumeration)
array excludedUrls ( (optional) Excluded URLs (only for type in ["context", "combined", "product"])
string URL to be excluded from context targeting (format "")
array negativeKeywords ( (optional) Negative keywords (for all groups in this campaign) (only for type in ['combined', 'context', 'fulltext', 'product'])
struct { (optional)
string name Negative keyword
string matchType (optional) Negative keyword match type: [default: negativeBroad]
  • negativeBroad: Negative broad match (default); query must not contain words from this keyword
  • negativePhrase: Negative phrase match; query must not contain keyword words in correct order
  • negativeExact: Negative exact match; query must not exactly match this keyword
int totalBudget (optional) (can be null) Campaign total budget limit (in halers) or nil for no limit (default)
int totalClicks (optional) (can be null) Campaign total clicks limit or nil for no limit (default) (only for type in ['combined', 'context', 'fulltext', 'product'])
string adSelection (optional) Ad selection strategy [default: weighted] (only for type in ["fulltext", "context", "combined"]):
  • weighted: Prefer an ad with higher CTR (default)
  • random: Every ads with same frequency
  • cpa: Prefer an ad with lower CPA
  • cos: Prefer an ad with lower CTR
datetime startDate (optional) (can be null) Campaign start date; default: nil
datetime endDate (optional) (can be null) Campaign end date; default: nil
string status (optional) Set campaign status: [default: active]
  • active: Active (default)
  • suspend: Suspended
string type (optional) Type of campaign (cannot be changed): [default: combined]
  • combined: combined campaign
  • fulltext: fulltext campaign
  • context: context campaign
  • product: product campaign
  • video: video campaign
bool context (optional) whether context placement will be enabled; default: true (only for type in ["combined", "product"])
bool fulltext (optional) whether fulltext placement will be enabled; default: true (only for type in ["combined", "product"])
string paymentMethod (optional) Payment method for paying for ads (only for type in ["context", "combined"]):
  • cpc: Payment per click
  • cpm: Payment per thousand views
array regions ( (optional) Geotargeting
struct {
int predefinedId (optional) Predefined region id only if type is predefined.
array schedule ( (optional) (can be null) Spending schedule of campaign. Array of 7 days, week starts at monday.
array ( One day of schedule, contains 24 items for each hour of the day.
int Percentage of given hour.
struct premise { (optional) Connection with (only for type in ["fulltext", "combined"])
int id (optional) (can be null) Connection with
string defaultMode (optional) connection display mode:
  • disabled: No branch is displayed (default)
  • one: Premise specified in defaultPremiseId is shown
  • nearest: Client nearest premise is shown
int defaultId Branch premise id for connection with catalog (only for defaultMode=one)
struct targetDevices { (optional) Specify target devices [deprecated: will be removed in next Major version] (These values are overridden by values in devicesPriceRatio) [default: see below]
bool desktop (optional) Desktop/Notebook devices [deprecated] [default: True]
bool mobile (optional) Smartphones/Mobile devices [deprecated] [default: True]
bool tablet (optional) Tablet devices [deprecated] [default: True]
bool other (optional) Other devices [deprecated] [default: True]
struct devicesPriceRatio { (optional) Specific ratio of max CPC/CPT for target device (These values override values in targetDevices)
int desktop (optional) Desktop/Notebook devices
int mobile (optional) Smartphones/Mobile devices
int tablet (optional) Tablet devices
int other (optional) Other devices
string videoFormat (optional)(only for type=video) Sets allowed videoformat type [default: both]:
  • both: Include instream and outstream (default)
  • instream: campaign allows only instream format
  • outstream: campaign allows only outstream format


struct {
int status Status code
string statusMessage Status code description
string session Refreshed session
array campaignIds ( Campaign ID of new created campaigns
int Campaign Id
array diagnostics ( (optional) Various diagnostics(warnings, errors, other information)
struct {

Response status codes:

List of all possible response status codes:


List of all possible diagnostics:


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