Sklik API



List campaigns.


struct user {
string session

Session (as retrieved from client.loginByToken())

int userId

(optional) Managed user ID

struct restrictionFilter {
array ids (

(optional) List these campaigns


Campaign ID

bool isDeleted

(optional) returns deleted/undeleted. If unassigned returns both.

struct displayOptions {

Customize output

int offset


int limit

count of items

array displayColumns (

(optional) show following entity attributes


column name:

  • actualClicks: Actual clicks
  • adSelection: Ad selection method
  • automaticLocation: Is automatic location enabled
  • budget.colorCodeId: Budget's color
  • budget.dayBudget: Day budget value
  • budget.deleted: Is budget deleted?
  • budget.deleteDate: When was day budget deleted
  • Budget's id
  • Budget's name
  • context: is it context campaign?
  • contextNetwork: targeted context networks
  • createDate: create date
  • deleted: is campaign deleted ?
  • deleteDate: Deletion date
  • defaultBudgetId: Default budget id
  • devicesPriceRatio: Specific ratio of max CPC/CPT for target device
  • endDate: Campaign end date
  • excludedSearchServices: Search services, where ads from this campaign will not be displayed
  • excludedUrls: URLs of web sites, where ads from this campaign will not be displayed (if context placement is enabled)
  • exhaustedTotalBudget: If campaign total budget is set, how much of it is exhausted (in halers)
  • fulltext: is it fulltext campaign?
  • id: campaign id (default)
  • name: Campaign name (default)
  • paymentMethod: Payment method
  • campaign premises
  • phone.number: Phone number
  • phone.statusId: Phone number status id
  • phone.status: Phone number status
  • Predefined region id for geotargeting
  • regions.parentId: Superior region id
  • Predefined region name
  • schedule: campaign schedule for next week
  • scheduleEnabled: campaign has schedule
  • startDate: Campaign start date
  • status: campaign status (default)
  • statusId: status id
  • totalClicks: Total allowed clicks for campaign
  • totalClicksFrom: Date from the total budget for clicks is counted
  • totalBudgetFrom: Date from the total budget for money is counted
  • type: campaign type (default)
  • totalBudget: Campaign total budget (if set; in halers)
  • videoFormat: allowed videoformat types


struct {
int status

return code

string statusMessage

verbal description of return code

string session

Refreshed session

array campaigns (
struct {
int actualClicks

(optional) Actual clicks

string adSelection

(optional) Ad selection method

bool automaticLocation

(optional) Is automatic location enabled.

bool context

(optional) is it context campaign?

string contextNetwork

(optional) Name of targeted context networks

datetime createDate

(optional) create date

bool deleted

(optional) is campaign deleted ?

datetime deleteDate

(optional) Deletion date

int defaultBudgetId

(optional) Default budget id.

struct devicesPriceRatio {

(optional) Specific ratio of max CPC/CPT for target device

int desktop

Desktop/Notebook devices

int mobile

Smartphones/Mobile devices

int tablet

Tablet devices

int other

Other devices

datetime endDate

(optional) Campaign end date

int exhaustedDayBudget

(optional) How much of the day budget is already exhausted

int exhaustedTotalBudget

(optional) Exhausted total budget

bool fulltext

(optional) is it fulltext campaign?

int id

(optional) campaign id

string name

(optional) Campaign name

string paymentMethod

(optional) Payment method

datetime startDate

(optional) Campaign start date

string status

(optional) campaign status

int statusId

(optional) status id

int totalBudget

(optional) Total allowed budget for campaign

datetime totalBudgetFrom

(optional) Date from which total money budget is counting

int totalClicks

(optional) Total allowed clicks for campaign

datetime totalClicksFrom

(optional) Date from which total click budget is counting.

string type

(optional) campaign type

struct budget {


int dayBudget

(optional) Day budget value

bool deleted

(optional) Is budget deleted?

datetime deleteDate

(optional) When was day budget deleted

int colorCodeId

(optional) Budget's color

int id


string name

(optional) Budget's name

struct phone {


string number

(optional) Actual phone number

int statusId

(optional) Phone number status id

string status

(optional) Actual phone number status

array excludedSearchServices (

(optional) Search services, where ads from this campaign


(optional) Search service id (as retrieved from listSearchServices())

array excludedUrls (

(optional) URLs of web sites, where ads from this campaign


(optional) URL

array regions (

(optional) Geotargeting

struct {
int id

(optional) Predefined region id (only for type=predefined)

int parentId

(optional) Superior region id

string name

(optional) Predefined region name

array schedule (

(optional) Spending schedule of campaign. Array of 7 days, week starts at monday.

bool scheduleEnabled

(optional) Campaign has schedule?

struct premises {

(optional) Connection with

int id

(optional) (can be null) Connection with

string videoFormat

(optional) allowed videoformat type

array diagnostics (

(optional) Various diagnostics (warnings, errors, other information)

struct {

Response status codes:

List of all possible response status codes:


List of all possible diagnostics:

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