Sklik API



Create new ads.


struct user {
string session

Session (as retrieved from client.loginByToken())

int userId

(optional) User ID

array ads (
struct {
int requestId

(optional) Chosen id to identify item in response and diagnostics

int groupId

ID of the group where the ad will be placed

string adType

(optional) Type of created ad: [default: eta]

  • eta: Extended ad
  • combined: Combined ad
  • branding: Branding ad
  • dynamicBanner: Dynamic banner
string name

Ad name (only for adType in ["branding"])

string headline1

Headline 1 (only for adType="eta")

string headline2

Headline 2 (only for adType="eta")

string headline3

(optional) Headline 3 (only for adType="eta")

string path1

(optional) Part path 1 (only for adType="eta")

string path2

(optional) Part path 2 (only for adType="eta";path1)

string longLine

Longer line of ad (only for adType="combined")

string shortLine

Shorter line of ad (only for adType="combined")

string companyName

Company or brand name (only for adType="combined")

string colorAccent

(optional) (can be null) Accent color in HEX format without leading # character (only for adType="combined")

string colorMain

(optional) (can be null) Main color in HEX format without leading # character (only for adType="combined")

int imageId

Id of image (excludes: image) (only for adType in ["combined", "branding"])

int imageLogoId

(optional) Id of logo (excludes: imageLogo) (only for adType="combined")

int imageSquareId

Id of square image (excludes: imageSquare) (only for adType="combined")

int imageLandscapeLogoId

(optional) Id of landscape logo (excludes: imageLandscapeLogo) (only for adType="combined")

binary image

Image data (jpg, png, gif) (excludes: imageId) (only for adType in ["combined", "branding"])

binary imageLogo

(optional) Image logo data (jpg, png, gif) (excludes: imageLogoId) (only for adType="combined")

binary imageSquare

Image square data (jpg, png, gif) (excludes: imageSquareId) (only for adType="combined")

binary imageLandscapeLogo

(optional) Image landscape data (jpg, png, gif) (excludes: imageLandscapeLogoId) (only for adType="combined")

string description

Description (only for adType in ["eta", "combined"])

string description2

(optional) Description 2 (only for adType="eta")

string finalUrl

Final URL (only for adType in ["eta", "combined", "branding"])

string trackingTemplate

(optional) Tracking template (only for adType in ["eta", "combined", "branding"])

string mobileFinalUrl

(optional) Mobile final URL (only for adType in ["eta", "combined"])

string impressionTrackingTemplate

(optional) Template for impressions measuring codes (only for adType in ["combined", "branding"])

string impressionTrackingTemplate2

(optional) Template 2 for impressions measuring codes (only for adType in ["combined", "branding"])

string status

(optional) ad status: [default: active]

  • active: active
  • suspend: suspended
string premiseMode

(optional) Premise display mode (for connection with catalog (only for adType in ["eta", "banner"]):

  • disabled: Assigned premise is not shown
  • one: Premise specified in premiseId is shown
  • nearest: Client nearest premise is shown
  • inherit: Premise is inherited from campaign
int premiseId

(can be null) Premise id (or nil; for connection with catalog (only for premiseMode='one';adType in ["eta", "banner"])

int dynamicTemplateId

(optional) Id of dynamic template (only for adType="dynamicBanner")

array schedule (

(optional) (can be null) Delivery schedule of ad. Array of 7 days, week starts at monday.



struct {
int status

Status code

string statusMessage

Status code description

string session

Refreshed session

array adIds (

Array of created ads(their ids)


(optional) ID of the created ad

array diagnostics (

(optional) Various diagnostics(warnings, errors, other information)

struct {

Response status codes:

List of all possible response status codes:


List of all possible diagnostics:

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