Sklik API



List ads.


struct user {
string session

Session (as retrieved from client.loginByToken())

int userId

(optional) User ID

struct restrictionFilter {

If no ids is selected, then all ads for current user are listed

array ids (

(optional) List these ads



struct campaign {

(optional) Ads will be listed from these campaigns

array ids (

(optional) List ads from campaigns


Campaign ID

struct group {

(optional) Ads will be listed from these groups

array ids (

(optional) List ads from groups


Group ID

bool isDeleted

(optional) return deleted/undeleted. If unassigned returns both.

struct displayOptions {

Customize output

int offset


int limit

count of items

array displayColumns (

(optional) show following entity (default: see below)


column name:

  • adStatus: ad's status (set by system)
  • adType: ad's type (default)
  • clickthruText: Url showed in ad (default)
  • clickthruUrl: Ad's url (default)
  • createDate: create date (default)
  • creative1: creative1 (default)
  • creative2: creative2 (default)
  • creative3: creative3 (default)
  • deleted: is ad deleted? (default)
  • deleteDate: ad's delete date
  • description: Description (default)
  • description2: Description 2
  • finalUrl: Final URL
  • headline1: Headline 1 (default)
  • headline2: Headline 2 (default)
  • headline3: Headline3
  • id: ad's id (default)
  • path1: Part path 1 (default)
  • path2: Part path 2 (default)
  • longLine: Long line (default)
  • shortLine: Short line (default)
  • name: ad name (default)
  • companyName: Company or brand name (default)
  • colorAccent: Accent color
  • colorMain: Accent color
  • Image id
  • image.url: Image URL
  • image.width: Image width
  • image.height: Image height
  • image.size: Image size
  • Logo image id
  • imageLogo.url: Logo image URL
  • imageLogo.width: Logo image width
  • imageLogo.height: Logo image height
  • imageLogo.size: Logo image size
  • Square image id
  • imageSquare.url: Square image URL
  • imageSquare.width: Square image width
  • imageSquare.height: Square image height
  • imageSquare.size: Square image size
  • Landscape image id
  • imageLandscapeLogo.url: Landscape image URL
  • imageLandscapeLogo.width: Landscape image width
  • imageLandscapeLogo.height: Landscape image height
  • imageLandscapeLogo.size: Landscape image size
  • mobileFinalUrl: Mobile Final URL
  • impressionTrackingTemplate: Impression tracking template
  • impressionTrackingTemplate2: Impression tracking template 2
  • premiseId: firmy premise ID for ad
  • premiseModeId: mode ID for firmy premise for ad
  • premiseMode: mode for firmy premise for ad
  • sensitivity: ad's sensitivity
  • status: status of the ad (set by user) (default)
  • statusId: status id
  • schedule: ad schedule for next week
  • scheduleEnabled: ad has schedule
  • trackingTemplate: Tracking template
  • Group's id (default)
  • Group's name (default)
  • group.deleted: Is group deleted?
  • group.createDate: Group's create date
  • group.deleteDate: Group's delete date
  • group.maxCpc: maximum cpc for group's targeting
  • group.maxCpt: maximum cpt (Cost per Thousand) for group's targeting
  • campaign.actualClicks: Actual clicks for campaign
  • campaign.createDate: Campaign's create date
  • campaign.deleteDate: Campaign's Deletion date
  • campaign.deleted: Is campaign deleted?
  • campaign.endDate: Campaign's end date
  • Campaign's id (default)
  • Campaign's name (default)
  • campaign.startDate: Campaign's start date
  • campaign.totalBudgetFrom: Date from which total money budget is counting.
  • campaign.totalClicksFrom: Date from which total click budget is counting.
  • campaign.totalClicks: Total clicks for campaign
  • id dynamic template
  • dynamic template name
  • dynamicTemplate.cbackground: background color
  • dynamicTemplate.curl: url color
  • dynamicTemplate.ctext: text color
  • dynamicTemplate.ctitle: title color
  • dynamicTemplate.font: font
  • dynamicTemplate.deleted: deleted


struct {
int status

Status code

string statusMessage

Status code description

string session

Refreshed session

array ads (
struct {
string adStatus

(optional) ad's status (set by system)

string adType

(optional) ad's type

datetime createDate

(optional) create date

datetime deleteDate

(optional) delete date

string creative1

(optional) creative1

string creative2

(optional) creative2

string creative3

(optional) creative3

string clickthruText

(optional) URL that is displayed

string clickthruUrl

(optional) URL to which is the user redirected after clicking on the displayed URL

string finalUrl

(optional) Final URL

string mobileFinalUrl

(optional) Mobile final URL

string headline1

(optional) Headline 1

string headline2

(optional) Headline 2

string headline3

(optional) Headline 3

string name

(optional) ad name

string description

(optional) Description

string description2

(optional) Description 2

bool deleted

(optional) is ad deleted?

int id

(optional) ad's id

string path1

(optional) Path 1

string path2

(optional) Path 2

string longLine

(optional) Longer line of ad

string shortLine

(optional) Shorter line of ad

string companyName

(optional) Company or brand name

string colorAccent

(optional) Accent color

string colorMain

(optional) Main color

struct image {


int id

(optional) image id

int width

(optional) image width

int height

(optional) image height

int size

(optional) image size

string url

(optional) image url

struct imageLogo {


int id

(optional) imageLogo id

int width

(optional) imageLogo width

int height

(optional) imageLogo height

int size

(optional) imageLogo size

string url

(optional) imageLogo url

struct imageSquare {


int id

(optional) imageSquare id

int width

(optional) imageSquare width

int height

(optional) imageSquare height

int size

(optional) imageSquare size

string url

(optional) imageSquare url

struct imageLandscapeLogo {


int id

(optional) imageLandscapeLogo id

int width

(optional) imageLandscapeLogo width

int height

(optional) imageLandscapeLogo height

int size

(optional) imageLandscapeLogo size

string url

(optional) imageLandscapeLogo url

int premiseId

(optional) (can be null) firmy premise ID for ad

int premiseModeId

(optional) (can be null) mode ID for firmy premise for ad

string premiseMode

(optional) (can be null) mode for firmy premise for ad:

  • disabled: Assigned premise is not shown
  • one: Premise specified in premiseId is shown
  • nearest: Client nearest premise is shown
  • inherit: Premise specified in its campaign is shown
string sensitivity

(optional) erotic sensitivity of ad

string status

(optional) status of the ad (set by user)

int statusId

(optional) status id

string trackingTemplate

(optional) Tracking template

string impressionTrackingTemplate

(optional) Template for impressions

string impressionTrackingTemplate2

(optional) Template 2 for impressions

struct group {


datetime createDate

(optional) create date

bool deleted

(optional) is group deleted?

datetime deleteDate

(optional) delete date

int id

(optional) group id

int maxCpc

(optional) maximum cpc for group's targeting

int maxCpt

(optional) maximum cpt (Cost per Thousand) for group's targeting

string name

(optional) group name

struct campaign {


int actualClicks

(optional) Actual clicks

datetime createDate

(optional) create date

datetime deleteDate

(optional) Deletion date

bool deleted

(optional) is campaign deleted ?

datetime endDate

(optional) Campaign end date

int id

(optional) campaign id

string name

(optional) Campaign name

datetime startDate

(optional) Campaign start date

datetime totalBudgetFrom

(optional) Date from which total money budget is counting.

int totalClicks

(optional) Total clicks

datetime totalClicksFrom

(optional) Date from which total click budget is counting.

struct dynamicTemplate {
int id

(optional) id of dynamic template

string name

(optional) dynamic template name

string cbackground

(optional) background color

string curl

(optional) url color

string ctext

(optional) text color

string ctitle

(optional) title color

string font

(optional) font

string deleted

(optional) deleted

array schedule (

(optional) (can be null) Delivery schedule of ad. Array of 7 days, week starts at monday.

bool scheduleEnabled

(optional) Ad has schedule?

array diagnostics (

(optional) Various diagnostics (warnings, errors, other information)

struct {

Response status codes:

List of all possible response status codes:


List of all possible diagnostics:

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