Sklik API



List all available intend categories.


struct user {
string session

Session (as retrieved from client.loginByToken())

int userId

(optional) Managed user ID

string language

(optional) (can be null) language choice: [default: cz]

  • cz: name in czech
  • en: name in english


struct {
int status

Status code (see bellow)

string statusMessage

Status code description

string session

(optional) Refreshed session

array categories (
struct {
int intendCategoryId

intend category id

string name

intend category name

int parent

(can be null) id of parent category

int rtgListId

(can be null) id of retargeting list

int audience

size of audience for retargeting list

array diagnostics (

(optional) Various diagnostics (warnings, errors, other information)

struct {

Response status codes:

List of all possible response status codes:


List of all possible diagnostics:

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