Sklik API



List label values from zbozi PLA feed.


struct user {
string session

Session (as retrieved from client.loginByToken())

int userId

(optional) Managed user ID

struct restrictionFilter {

restrict results with these options

int premiseId

zbozi premise id

array labels (

(optional) restrict result to these labels only (labels must be in lowercase format)

struct displayOptions {
int offset

index of first instance in the result

int limit

max number of returned instances in the result

string lang

(optional) language choice [default: cz]:

  • cz: label names in czech
  • en: label names in english


struct {
int status

Status code (see bellow)

string statusMessage

Status code description

string session

(optional) Refreshed session

array labels (
struct {
string label

name of label

string labelTitle

name of label (human readable)

string labelType

type of label

array values (
struct {
string value

value for given label

string valueTitle

(optional) human readable value, if applicable

array diagnostics (

(optional) Various diagnostics(warnings, errors, other information)

struct {

Response status codes:

List of all possible response status codes:


List of all possible diagnostics:

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