Sklik API



Get retargeting combinations by list of IDs.


struct user {
string session

Session (as retrieved from client.loginByToken())

int userId

(optional) Managed user ID

array combinationIds (

(optional) Id of retargeting combination



struct {
int status

Status code (see below)

string statusMessage

Status code description

struct diagnostics {

(optional) Additional information about processed request (see below)

string session

(optional) Refreshed session

array combinations (

Array of combinations

struct {
int combinationId

Id of retargeting combination

struct attributes {

Attributes of combination

string name

Name of retargeting combination.

string description

Description of retargeting combination.

string status

Status of retargeting combination:

  • active: active
  • paused: paused
int users

Number of users in combination

datetime createDate

Date of creating retargeting combination

datetime suspendDate

Date of suspend retargeting combination

datetime deleteDate

Date of deleting retargeting combination

bool deleted

Whether combination was deleted

array listGroups (

Array of groups of retargeting list IDs

struct {
int listGroupId

Id of group of lists

array listIds (

Array of retargeting list IDs


Id of retargeting list

string operator

Type of operator:


Response status codes:

List of all possible response status codes:


List of all possible diagnostics:

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