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Check banners attributes before create or update.

If the response status is 206, it means that banner does not contain errors
and will be accepted, but we still have some suggestions for it.
If the response status is 406, you shall fix your arguments according to diagnostics
in order to successfully call banners.create or banners.update.

Method response might look like this:
        "...", {
        "status": 406,
        "statusMessage": "Invalid data in request",
        "session": "...",
        "diagnostics": [
            {"id": "clickthruUrl_is_too_long"},
            {"field": "clickthruUrl"}


struct user {
string session

Session (as retrieved from client.loginByToken())

int userId

(optional) User ID

array banners (
struct {
int id

(optional) Banner ID

string name

(optional) Banner name

string clickthruUrl

(optional) Target URL

string status

(optional) Status:

  • active:
  • suspend:
binary file

(optional) Image data (jpg, png, gif)

array schedule (

(optional) (can be null) Delivery schedule of banner. Array of 7 days, week starts at monday.



struct {
int status

Status code

string statusMessage

Status code description

string session

Refreshed session

array diagnostics (

(optional) Various diagnostics(warnings, errors, other information)

struct {

Response status codes:

List of all possible response status codes:


List of all possible diagnostics:

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